Thomas the Turkey

Published on 9 May 2023 at 21:49

Owning turkeys can be a rewarding and fun experience! Turkeys are typically raised for their meat, but they can also be kept for their eggs or as pets. We Took on two Bronze Turkeys from a friend two years ago. Our plan originally was to keep them as breeders but unfortunately our female turkey Gertrude couldn't successfully hatch her own babies. We were considering having them for Thanksgiving, but I didn't have the heart to eat something I had now named. After about a month of having them, I noticed the Male turkey Thomas was quite friendly, he would follow me around "strutting his stuff" By the end of the month I found myself spending my mornings doing the typical barn chores but now that included coffee time with Thomas! I can talk to this boy and hell respond by gobbling. He lets me pick him up and hug him as well as all of the kids that are here on the farm. Who would have known that turkeys can make great pets and have personalities that resemble a dog. 


Here are some glamor moments for Thomas and I!

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