Fixing a pekin with a hurt leg

Published on 1 January 2023 at 21:23

About 3 months ago I came home to a hurt Pekin duck - with what I assumed was a broken leg , unfortunately there is no avian vets In our area of Maine. I think he probably got underneath of one of the horses and got stepped on . After lots of researching I made a splint for him and changed his wrap daily with a anti inflammatory poultice daily for a month , by 4 weeks he was no longer favoring the leg . At 5 weeks I unsplinted him and sent him on his way , he dosent walk totally normal now but it is healed , sturdy and he can get around and live a happy duck life . As always if anyone needs duck advice please reach out to me directly ! 

Here is The video on Youtube -Click the link to watch ! 

pekin duck bandaging 2022 - YouTube


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